Workshop on User Experience: Research & Prototyping

What is the user experience? Now a days we all thought it’s nothing but graphics design using Photoshop/Illustrator. But in reality it’s nothing but User Interface (UI). UX is how can you consistently design experiences that work well, are easy to use and people want to use? And it’s not a technological thing at all. It could be applicable into digital or non-digital product. For example – creating a design for pavement, a cash counter using the user experience research could be an UX.

This workshop will teach you the core process of experience design and how to effectively evaluate your work with the people for whom you are designing. You’ll learn fundamental methods of design research that will enable you to effectively understand people, the sequences of their actions, and the context in which they work.

Through the assignments, you’ll learn practical techniques for making sense of what you see and transform your observations into meaningful actionable insights and unique opportunity areas for design. You’ll also explore how to generate ideas in response to the opportunities identified and learn methods for making your ideas tangible. By answering specific questions and refining your concepts, you’ll move closer to making your ideas real.


After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Generating great user experience
  • Understanding what people thinks & how they do it.
  • Generate ideas.
  • Techniques for idea generation.
  • Selecting Ideas.
  • Implement ideas on the basis of user’s need & persona.
  • Mapping the peoples activities
  • Generating solid base for MVP (minimum viable product).

Who is this class for?

  • Anyone working with product design (digital or perishable)
  • Anyone interested about product design
  • Requirement Analyst.
  • Startup founders.

Duration: Two-day long

Number of seats/participants:  Twenty four (24)

Fee: 2,500 BDT + 15% VAT

How to enroll:

  1. Apply here: Send your basic information.
  2. After getting your information, we will communicate with you and suggest you whether you should register or not.
  3. Pay and register to attend.


Session 1: Design Research (3 Hours)

  1. Introduction to user experience
  2. WH questions about peoples Activities
    1. People
    2. Activities
    3. Context
    4. Assumptions
    5. Safari
      1. Identify
      2. Approach
      3. View
      4. Prepare
      5. Action
      6. Wait
      7. Prepare payment
      8. Payment
      9. Receive
    6. Observations
    7. Workarounds
    8. Interview
      1. Intercepts
      2. Scheduled
    9. Experience
    10. Scheduled Interview
    11. Laddering Technique
    12. Summarize
    13. Rapid Research
  3. Interview of a UX designer
  4. Assignment

Session 2: Ideation (3 Hours)

  1. Introduction to idea generation
  2. Coming up with great ideas
    1. Rules for generating ideas
    2. Ideation Techniques
    3. Ways to generate ideas
    4. Idea Selection
  3. Assignment

Session 3: Synthesis (4 Hours)

  1. Introduction to Synthesis
  2. Making sense of it all
    1. Lay it all
    2. Techniques
    3. Persona
    4. Journey Map
    5. Broad Themes
    6. 2X2 Matrix
    7. Opportunities
  3. Assignment

Session 4: 2 Hours

  1. Quiz
  2. Recap
  3. Q&A

Trainer: Nazmus Saquibe

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