By giving a smart food ordering option with a customer app, stay on top of the minds of your customers. Eliminate the traditional pen and paper method and offer prompt deliveries. Therefore, waiters have their entire agenda in their pockets, resulting in fewer mistakes and quicker deliveries. User doesn’t have to switch between several tabs to take and process multiple order types.

TaKen app organizes your order taking in the restaurant. It is used for taking orders from customers and sends it to the kitchen, makes your restaurant business quicker, easier, and more profitable.TaKen helps the waiters to take orders and allows waiters to note every order precisely and forward it to the kitchen. So there's no delay in deliveries.



Key Features:
  • Live tracking
  • Payment option
  • App navigation
  • Instant push notification
  • Delivery order status

Technology Used: ASP.Net Web API, Java, Android SDK, MS SQL Server