In Dhaka city, the number of cars is continuously increasing, though the parking spots are limited. The drivers are wasting plenty of time and fuel searching for a parking lot. e-Parking is a parking solution for any busy city where parking spaces are very limited and difficult to find out. It gives comfort to people as they are saving time and money. The primary function of this application is to find and reserve free spaces nearby. 

Using this mobile app, the owner of a parking space sets their parking space available which will show as a result when a car owner will search for a free space. The owner of the car sends requests to the owner of the parking lot. The car owner will be able to park their car without any trouble after approving the requests.

Key Features:

  • Searching: The car owner locates the car using GPS or enters the necessary address on the google map and gets the available parking spaces nearby.
  • Requesting: The car owner requests for the selected parking space and gets it after accepting the request by the parking owner.
  • Paying: The car owner can pay in cash.
  • Driving: The parking app offers driving directions to the parking lot.
  • Parking: The car owner enters the parking lot and parks the car.

Technology Used: Firebase, Android SDK, iOS, Java